Our Vision

To keep customer satisfaction at the foreground by presenting our superior quality products under the most favorable conditions; To make our Assos and byKeskin brands the most preferred brands in Turkey and in the world.

Our Mission

To offer the healthiest, highest quality products to our consumers in the most efficient way, with the principle of respect for nature and people; is sensitive to expectations, adopting a sense of social responsibility, taking care to fulfill business ethics and all legal requirements.

Our Company Policy

Our company, which set out with the principles of affordable price, reliable product presentation and high quality standards, has aimed continuous development with investments and responds to customer expectations in the best way. It continues its work without slowing down in order to offer the highest quality products in the most accessible conditions. In our company, which operates in a developing and changing sector, it is among our goals to ensure the effective use of natural resources with environmental responsibility awareness. Our aim is to contribute to instilling environmental awareness in our employees, suppliers and society.

To comply with the relevant laws and regulations, the provisions of local governments, the 'Environmental Management System Standards' and to make this policy a lifestyle; It is our main principle to ensure the continuity of our practices in order to spread them in all areas of our lives.

About Us

Headquartered in İzmir, our company carries out its production activities in egg facilities in Bala district of Ankara, chicken meat production in Antakya district of Hatay, processed product group in Gebze district of Kocaeli, olive and olive oil production in Havran district of Balıkesir and Akhisar district of Manisa.

Our company, which has invested in the brand since its establishment and prioritized the wishes and demands of its consumers; It works without compromising hygiene, quality and safety. In this direction, it has been one of the priorities to offer the best to its consumers and business partners with the quality of Dünya Food; Assos and byKeskin brand assurance.